Legend of the Shadow Runes


Trouble in Autumndale

(this has already happened i just wanted to leave this here so you can keep up with what has happened thus far, This by the way is just free writing i have not had the chance to do corrections to this so deal :D )

Every so often you have a dream that troubles you; In your dream you and your loved ones are walking through your home town (and if they are already diseased then its a dream when you were with them) Suddenly you see the sun turn a deep red as it eclipses the entire landscape. The land quakes beneath your feet as you can see the town falling around you. You also see what it seems to be a group of others trying to assist you (your future party members: player knowledge) You see that your separated from your loved ones and are unable to save them as they seem to be swallowed by the earth beneath them. Soon you see that your group has also have this same fate and as you dodge to the left and to the right trying to save your own skin, you too become a victim in this terrible tragedy, falling deeper and deeper the sky fading before you.. waking up in a cold sweat you decide that enough was enough and you decide to leave your hometown to seek out what these dreams meant. However along your journey you feel the need to visit a sickly town, but why do you visit? Maybe you can feel as if the town is in desperate need of a hero? are you there to receive more supplies? unsure you decide to venture into this town and discover that there it is in far worse condition that you can imagine.

(part 1)

(The party has met up so far there is a Cleric teifling (which is being shared by someone who is playing 2 chars they said they could do it..so i let them lol i would really love a healer though), elf rogue, and two eladrin one is a ranger the other is a warrior.)

The town just seems sickly, poor maintenance to the front damage gate, but yet the guard towers are some what maintained. Most of the residence just dosnt seem to be active but maybe that’s because of the foul smelling streets as the rain just does not seem to stop in this depressing town. The people you do see just seem rude and most of them are human from what you can tell just brutes, with their cowls and cloaks it just seems too suspicious to you. however the time is getting late and you just need a place to rest your head. When you go to a bar/inn called the “Dusky Rat” it is run by a few dwarfs and humans. (This is where you meet your party, introductions etc. ) After all of you just seem to come to the same conclusion that you all have similar/same dreams, as well as thinking that all of you are brought here for a reason. With out really admitting it the party that surrounds you resembles the group that assisted you in the dream. All of you decide to talk more about the dream in the morning since it was getting darker. Sometime in the morning (all failed their checks) you awaken to the hearing of loud rumbling… and earthquake? your party leaves just in time as the building collapses, hoping that all the others get out in time. Unfortunately as the smoke/dust clears you see that an angry group of bandits are ready for a fight they don’t want you investigating the town that they so happily drained of most of its supplies. The earthquakes were created by the 4 small earth elemental that was controlled by one of the villains with an odd amulet silver tigers eye gem (leader) after defeating him the amulet’s gem crumbles. At the defeat of the group which you find out is called the “Black Knife Gang” that they were apart of a larger scale gang that drains towns of their supplies in exchange of not having their town obliterated. After the bandits are defeated you see that the town has a small population however it does seem to have lightened up since you and your party defeated them. You are then led to the mayors home, the mayor is an elder dragonborn that does not have much fight left in him. He explains that he has sent several messages to the kingdom Alristia and has sent both of his sons to get help. One of the sons along with some of the men of the village traveled to Alristia (a week and a half long journey) and fear that something happened to him when crossing the swamp of Gyuleg. And the other son went into the house of the damned which is on the other end of town, rumors of a mystical gem with magical powers that may be strong enough to over throw the “Black Knife Gang”

Part 2 (currently)

(the party decides to help the town by building back up the town’s wall defense as well as gather supplies outside of town, then go to the house of the damned)

The door only appears on a full harvest moon, and as your party approaches the evil home that there is a large barrier surrounding the home, that once your inside of it the people outside of the barrier cannot see or hear what is going on inside the barrier. The party enters the house..soon finding out that this may be more than what they bargained for..traps and monsters seem to lurk in this dark evil mansion.

The party is told about the house of the damned that a magical door only appears there at a full blood moon (harvest)


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