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So yea i figured out how to edit this page now :) message me if you have any questions, for right now there is no definite DnD night but we normally play either Friday or sat night :) at the moment i have 3 possibly 4 players, so i do have room for 1 or 2 more people just message me and let me know. My DnD sessions are pretty balanced between roleplay and battles; however we have had nights where its just figuring out the puzzle in the dungeon, or just trying to figure out a riddle etc. I will be starting “Grid-less sessions soon” found out its so much easier on me because all of my maps are drawn out by me, and I will be having 3D tiles also made by me soon :) (i have a few built now) I really enjoy being a DM, ive been a DM for a year and a half and still kicking!! If your just curious and just want to watch a session before joining i really do not mind :) and if your new i really dont mind teaching :) Still trying to figure out how to update and edit everything, so yea message me if you have any questions.


Izumi tha mastermind dm :D

P.S – i know my story has writing errors but i haven’t had the chance to edit it , but feel free to comment and let me know if its interesting or what not :)

Home Page

Legend of the Shadow Runes Izumi